Top 5 Detox Diets of 2015

After resurfacing strongly in 2014 among celebrities and people alike, detoxing diets went on and became even more popular this in 2015. Here are the top 5 detoxing diets of 2015.

The Master Detox

The famous detoxing diet was made popular by Beyonce who used it to slim down for her role in Bill Condon’s Dreamgirls back in 2006. The master detox has stayed popular throughout and sustained its popularity during 2014 as well.  Despite being very helpful if you’d like to drop weight in a short period, doctors are still skeptic of its effects on the long run. The diet is simply a mix of maple syrup, herbal detox tea, lemon water and cayenne pepper.

The Green Detox

The green cleansing diet is another detoxing diet aimed at dropping weight in a short time. This diet is made solely from blended fruits and vegetables. Despite being rich with vitamins and minerals this diet has been criticized for its lack of critical nutrients like protein. The green smoothie detoxing diet was reported to help losing fifteen pounds in ten days.

The Colon Detox

Just what you expect by reading the name, this detoxing diet is aimed towards cleansing your colon. This cleanse is very simply. Basically it’s based on consuming as much as possible water and fiber. In some versions, supplements are used to completely cleanse your intestines as well.

The Blueprint Detox

detox-diets_02The 2012 diet of the year is still going strong. This diet is a bit similar to the green detox mentioned earlier. It’s a juice-based diet. In this diet you’re supposed to drink around six bottles of prepackaged vegetables and fruits-based juices for a relatively short period, from three to fourteen days. It’s suggested that you consume proteins on the side to compensate for the absence of the nutrients while the detox is ongoing. Lately DIY alternatives of the same detox have started becoming more popular as well.

The Liver Detox

This cleansing method is not about food dieting as much as it is about daily habits and your general lifestyle. Doctors have warned against the use of advertised liver cleansing supplements and studies have shown that these supplements come second in the list of liver-related hospitalization reasons. The only liver cleansing techniques that can be recommended are the usual run of the mill advices like use medications only when necessary, stop smoking, do not eat or drink foods or beverages with additives and do not drink alcohol.