The Road to Living Longer

The average life expectancy nowadays is 78.8 years. It’s sometimes surprising to hear that someone who is as young as 30 or 40 years old could die from a heart attack or from diabetes complication. Because aside from the hereditary factors, unhealthy lifestyle is also to blame. But it is not yet too late to choose to stay healthy to be able to live longer. Instead of running to the shops and grabbing the best golf rangefinder your money can buy because you can no longer judge those golf distances, we have put together a few ways that could show you the road to living longer.

1. Eat in moderation

“You are what you eat.” Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death, and a big factor that can lead you to acquiring this disease is because of what you eat. So, keep in mind to incorporate all of the good elements in your every meal in proper portions. Keep a balanced diet. Learn how to read food the labels whenever you are buying something. You can treat yourself with a cookie or ice cream, but just make sure not to eat this too often, and again in moderation. Always remember that eating well is living well. Nowadays, you can simply use applications such as MyFitness Pal to help you plan your meals. Or plate images to guide you in portioning your meals, like what we have below:


2. Move

From simply using the stairs than the elevator (especially if it’s 1-2 floors down/up), to walking your dog, having a regular exercise plan or simply enjoying sex, moving is as important as proper eating. If you don’t have much time in going to the gym, there are now 15-minute workout plans that you can do. Did you know that you can lose weight by simply doing 10,000 steps a day? So, start moving, now!


3. Drink Moderately

We’ve seen this on TV ads, even on bottles of any alcoholic beverage. But we often disregard it at times. So the next time you hit a bar or open a bottle of wine at home, remember to drink moderately.


4. Stop Smoking

No turning back, just STOP smoking! This could be the best gift you can ever give yourself. The effects of smoking are too bad, and when you decide stop, it saves around 6 to 8 years of your life. It will be hard in the beginning for sure, but continuing the habit will eventually make breathing a lot harder, arteries harder and circulation slower. So just quit. It is now or never.


5. Be Happy

It sounds so cliché, but being happy might be the easiest way for you to live longer. Stress makes us do bad decisions. It makes us eat unhealthy, drink too much, light up a cigarette and more. So, stop sweating the small stuff and choose your battles. Be with people that bring so much positivity in your life. Go on a vacation every once in a while. Make sure to always get enough sleep, especially after a hard day at work. They say happiness is a choice, so be happy and live longer.


With too much pollution and sources of stress today, making good decisions can make you live longer. It will surely be hard, but it’s a choice that you have to make to feel good inside and out. Find people that will support you with your lifestyle change. Discipline is key to all these. With the proper eating habits, being active, drinking moderately, quitting smoking and staying happy, you are surely on your way to being healthy and living longer.