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Three health tips to prevent lower back pain

The correct position
Suggestions in the process of cleaning the pickup, output action should be to minimize the bending, especially avoid standing straight bent down to fetch, and sweep the floor or use a vacuum cleaner, spines should as far as possible play straight, low in the cleaning and weight handling bend your knees, pretty waist, as far as possible to reduce the burden on the waist.

Your cloth
Many mother likes to take cloth on his knees to clean the floor, but Lin appropriate physician noted that should be avoid kneeling to mop the floor, especially the knee degenerative osteoarthritis patients more carefully, to mop the floor instead of better; And heavy carrying, especially large volume, should be your cloth, with many people to assist for the principle, in the middle must have proper rest interval, don’t let the muscle too tired, avoid to increase the chances of muscle injury or tight.

If began to appear the symptom of lower back pain, people can do first is to rest at home, and is a complete bed rest, posture doesn’t have to lie on your back, in general, legs slightly bent, side to sleep more comfortable, then you can bubble hot bath relieve muscle pain, or use the hot towel, hot pad also have effect of eliminating pain, muscle relaxation.

When feel sore tight, should avoid to massage, if pain increased quickly and will not improve, because the rest should immediately go to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of necessary, in order to avoid delaying treatment.