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Eight major nutritional benefits of carrots

1,It is benefit for health and longevity:
Carrots have expectorants, and digestion effects, in addition to inflation and other effects. Experiments show that, α-carotene inhibit tumor cell’s ability to β-carotene is 10 times, the prevention of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) effect is very strong abnormal changes. As early as ten years ago, studies have found that blood concentrations of α-carotene is higher, the lower the risk of heart disease subjects. According to U.S. CDC researchers, a 14-year follow-up survey found that blood levels of α-carotene content of the higher people have a longer life.

Α-carotene content of foods are carrots. In pumpkins, oranges, citrus, α-carotene content is higher. Α-carotene are not afraid of high temperature cooking, cook the carrots in the broth, just drink soup, and does not cause significant loss of α-carotene. On the contrary, it is more conducive to a variety of cooked food absorption of carotenoids, as long as a small amount of grease can achieve full absorption effect.

2,Prevent hardening of the arteries, lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease:
Carotene containing quercetin, and kaempferoln can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood fat, promote the synthesis of epinephrine, which have a strong heart antihypertensive effect. Carrots contain succinic acid potassium, which helps prevent hardening of the arteries, lower cholesterol and have lower blood pressure. Carrots folic acid can reduce coronary heart disease risk factors. Hypertension after drinking carrot juice, has a good antihypertensive effect. Eat more carrots crowd, the crowd than eating fewer carrots, heart patients reduced by almost 50%.

3,Enhanced immune function:
Carotene can be converted in the body into vitamin A, helps to enhance the body’s immune function. In the prevention of cancer epithelial, cells play an important role in the process. Lignin carrots can improve immunity, can indirectly destroy cancer cells.

4,Liver eyesight:
Carrots contain vitamin A and β-carotene, with the promotion of the eye’s light-sensitive pigment-producing ability, and can prevent night blindness, color vision to strengthen the eye, but also can reduce eye fatigue and dry eyes.

Carrots contain plant fiber, absorbent, easy expansion volume in the gut, is the gut “filling material”, can enhance intestinal peristalsis, thereby laxative prevent cancer.

Japanese scientists found that the β-carotene in carrots can prevent pollen allergy, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases, and β-carotene can regulate intracellular balance, allowing the body less prone to allergic reactions.

7,Beautiful face:
A German study shows that carrots contain antioxidant carotenoids, a high concentration of antioxidants in the skin of people, wrinkles significantly higher than the C concentration of antioxidants in the skin, fewer people.

8,Prevent colds:
Carrots contain a strong immune substances — lignin, which can improve the body’s ability of macrophages to reduce the C of having a cold.

Four kinds of fruits and vegetables is healthy color umbrella

1. Yellow fruits and vegetables can fight colds

These orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, not only rich in vitamin C, there are plenty of β-carotene, which can help you improve cell immunity, not only in the flu season Silue can help you prevent colds, After suffering from a cold,it can speed up your recovery.

In addition, the yellow line in fruits and vegetables also contain β-carotene into the health of the eyes and skin health benefits of vitamin A, can protect eyesight, improve skin texture.

So, if you use the computer for a long time, or prolonged exposure is not enough clean air environment, but also to eat these fruits and vegetables.

Examples of fruits and vegetables: oranges, orange, yellow squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, sweet corn.

2. Green vegetables balance female hormones

Green fruits and vegetables is seen as healthy food, you can not just because they are the ingredients to lose weight, but also because they are women’s health protection of God.

These green fruits and vegetables rich in minerals iron, minerals, calcium and folic acid to help women balance hormones are important ingredients.

In addition, those dark green fruits and vegetables are also very rich in antioxidants lutein, which can be converted in the body to the eye health is very useful material, not only can protect your eyes eyesight, but also to prevent a variety of eye inflammation and cataracts and other eye diseases.

Fruits and vegetables, for example: avocado, green apple, kiwi, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, peas.

3. Purple fruits and vegetables for heart health

Purple fruits and vegetables in the supermarket now appeared in large numbers, either purple or pale purple fruits and vegetables, contain something called a special antioxidant resveratrol, found that this ingredient can promote blood circulation, cardiovascular the health system is very useful, not only to prevent heart disease, but also to improve cold hands and feet, varicose veins and other symptoms.

In addition, the latest study also found that eating fruits and vegetables purple, immunity and memory will be improved.

Fruits and vegetables, for example: grape, blackberry, plum, eggplant, purple, olive, purple sweet potato, purple corn, Purple Onion, purple carrots.

4. Red fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer

Red fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidant anthocyanins, it is not only prevent cell aging active ingredients, but also can prevent bacterial attachment to the cell wall, thus effectively preventing all kinds of inflammation, particularly gynecological inflammation and urinary tract infections.

In addition, fruits and vegetables red lines on oral health is also very useful to protect the gums healthy and prevent periodontal disease.

However, the most worth emphasizing or their anti-cancer effects, such as tomatoes contain lycopene on cancer has a unique feature that can prevent breast cancer and other cancers, and even prostate cancer Men’s Health Crisis.

Fruits and vegetables, for example: cherries, strawberries, cranberries, pomegranates, grapefruit, tomatoes, peppers.

Ministry of Health of Britain lists five major health killer

UK Department of Health pointed out, heart disease and other four categories of diseases are the main killer of British, strengthen the prevention and control of these diseases will be expected to reduce the 30,000 deaths in 2020.

British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in a parliamentary speech on the same day, heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory disease, and liver disease is the British health killer, these diseases are caused more than 150,000 75-year-old Englishman died each year. Expected to take targeted action to improve the health of the British, to extend the life expectancy. Hunt on that day announced the launch of a cardiovascular disease prevention program as part of a series of actions to improve the detection and prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk management, including the improvement of the level of emergency heart attack.

The British medical journal “The Lancet” website also released a report that, despite the British in the past 20 years extended the life expectancy of 4.2 years, compared with other wealthy countries, the British health status, the 20-year-old to 54-year-old population mortality indicators are lagging behind. The report recommends that the United Kingdom need to be re-emphasis on drug misuse problems, reduce the nation’s salt intake and focus to deal with the social and economic aspects of the national health problem.

For the problems mentioned in the report, the Minister of Health Hunter hopes to reform the national health care system to meet the challenge to change the current poor performance status. Hunt believes that the addition to accusing the work of the health care system, the British should change to protect the health, such as quitting smoking, drinking and other bad habits, more take part in outdoor sports.