Detox for Weight Loss: Slim Down in One Week with a Healthy Diet

This detoxing diet is all about diet without any artificial sweeteners, sugar, overly processed foods or harmful fats. The detoxing plan aims at kicking out unhealthy habits like addiction to caffeine and consumption of too much sugar. If done right, this detox can rid you of any problem that you can attribute to being overweight and your appetite will significantly decrease through this detox. You should be warned that this detox will not be for everybody though. Before rolling up your selves and ridding your fridge of any overly processed foods or any meals with additives, you may want to consult your doctors on whether this detox is the best for you or not.

The Detox Dieting Plan-What to Eat?

The detox dieting plan is mainly based on filling up on the following:

  • Vegetables and fruits that provide you with necessary fibers. At least thirty grams of vegetables or fibers should be consumed on daily basis.
  • Beans that contain 52% carbohydrate. Examples are kidney beans or green beans. Beans are also rich in potassium and vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is a vitamin connected with memory and causes loss of concentration when it is lacking in the blood stream.
  • Lean protein like veal, salmon, cottage cheese or turkey breast. Protein is the building block of the living body and should be indispensable under any circumstances. However, making sure that the piece of meat you’re eating is fat free is very important.
  • Healthy fats like omega three in fish, nuts and other useful fatty acids that the body doesn’t generate in abundance like those in olive oils, canola and eggs. These fatty acids play a major role in brain development and critical thinking.
  • Drink water. It’s advisable that you drink at least half what you weigh in ounces. If you weigh a hundred and twenty pounds, you should drink at least sixty ounces per day which amounts to around eight cups a day.


The Detox Dieting Plan-What Not to Eat?

detox-drink_01The items that you should be cutting out on are:

  • Carbohydrates without fiber. Chips, cookies, bagels and white breads. Also if you’re used to eating high-sugar cereals in breakfast, you might want to start considering replacing it with oat meals.
  • Eliminating caffeine is essential to the success of the diet. Studies have shown that caffeine consumption is associated with high blood pressure and higher risk of heart attack among young adults.
  • Artificial sweeteners. Both the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association have advised caution when consuming foods with artificial sweeteners due to their significant role in causing metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity.
  • Liquid calories and alcoholic drinks. Consumption of alcohol has been linked by researchers with liver, throat, mouth and breast cancers. Liquid calories whether they’re juices or soda were linked with diabetes due to their excessive inclusion of artificial sweeteners.

This detoxing diet is all about guidelines. Once you start following the guidelines you can play with the components or meals as you wish. This diet needs only one week of regular consumption. It might be hard at first but the results in the end will be quite rewarding and it will probably change your life.